JJ Ferrari

Motivational Speaker, and Transition Specialist

JoAnna Ferrari (or "JJ") is a well respected inspirational keynote speaker, transition and performance coach. She is successful, courageous, and resilient businesswoman, and she brings all of these qualities and more to her presentations, which are renowned for their authentic, humorous, and thought-provoking content that inspires audiences to rethink life and career in completely new ways.
As a former CEO, JJ confidently discusses leadership, diversity and inclusion, business development, Fear Into Confidence and . JJ represents her journey from a high-powered executive and international speaker to going through her gender transition and crashing and still finding her way back to success. She shares a unique perspective on a journey that would have destroyed most people and how she survived to tell the story.
JJ engages her audience effectively and bridges the gap between her gender transition and the audiences life transitions to deliver a passionate talk with important messages to individuals and business audiences about topics we all face but rarely understand, such as fear, stress, and anxiety, the negatives of a success culture, overcoming obstacles, cultural identity, building confidence, and challenging your comfort zones.

"As a speaker, my job is not just to tell a great story but to inspire audiences with fresh perspectives on facing change differently, creating better human conversations and to develop more self confidence"


JJ's Professional Accomplishments

  • CEO for Anthony Robbins AU
  • Interim CEO and executive of three companies in three countries.
  • International Sales Trainer and Speaker.
  • Coached and advised businesses in over 140 different industries.
  • Wrote Selling You and used it to train 10,000 long-term unemployed individuals to new results
  • Managed 300 seat call centres for high-end and luxury clients.
  • Executive performance coach for corporations like PwC, St George Bank and KPMG.
  • Expansion marketing strategist for major brands in Australia and abroad.
  • Trained 1800 business in over 150 industries with her Business Prosperity Course.
    2016 TEDx Melbourne presentation, "Your Secret Self," received a standing ovation.

Your Secret Self | JoAnna Ferrari | TEDxMelbourne

I had the pleasure of hosting JJ at the 2022 LVMH International Women's Day event. From the first point of contact to discuss the speaking engagement brief to the event follow up, JJ was so lovely to work with. JJ's warmth, positive energy, humour, expertise in personal development, diversity and inclusion, and her inspirational and engaging keynote and presentation totally blew our audience away. The team are raving about the event and quoting JJ weeks later. JJ's story is one of courage and transformation. Through her journey she developed valuable frameworks and insights that have gone on to help others embrace every aspect of themselves as a means to leading happy and fulfilled lives, to realising their dreams and creating a culture of inclusion in their workplaces. I highly recommend JJ for keynotes, training workshops and coaching.

Sophie Firmager- LVMH/ Tiffany& Co


Fear into Confidence

(My personal and professional life)

FEAR has a long history in the human psyche. Everyone is afraid of something. Fear has been passed down down the years like a family heirloom by those we are meant to trust: family, friends, classmates, instructors, and authorities.

Fear is held responsible for the majority of negative events that occur in our lives. Surprisingly, successful people seek for fear in all situations in order to make inspired decisions in the face of adversity when others might be afraid to take on the task.

JJ has learned that fear is simply an energy that can be transformed into courage and confidence. She demonstrates to an audience that they do not want to become "fearless," but rather fear less. As JJ points out, if you realise that fear isn't a foe but rather a natural part of our makeup, you may learn to conquer previous anxieties and embrace its insights as a powerful friend.

Key presentation takeaways

How JJ's lack of understanding of fear nearly killed her during her transitionDeveloping Your Champions Mindset and CourageHow to use the power of fear to achieve beneficial outcomesHow understanding your fear mind might help you feel less depressed and anxiousHow Can Fear Help Us Make Better Decisions?

It was very obvious that our audience was astoundingly impressed with JoAnna’s presentation and we received a very positive response from all our attendees as well as in the feedback following the session. JoAnna speaks with conviction, clarity and humour and we would welcome her back to speak with us any time. 

Justin Hoffman