In the face of uncertainty and risk, how do we respond to change and challenges? How do we grow our confidence and abilities to achieve our goals and desires? According to JoAnna Ferrari – “The Transition Specialist” -, it is about tapping into what she’s called “The Champions Mind”: the ability to instantaneously accessing all your resources and come up with the right response and resolutions.

We all have this Champions Mind within us – always have – what keeps us stuck and unable to use it when we need it, is listening to our other mind, our scared learned mind. So many of us crush our own dreams, we shy away from opportunity and reduce our own ability to go after the things we really want in our lives. But what if we could simply break this pattern? What if we can literally free ourselves to grow, win and succeed at anything even in the toughest of situations?

What if the quickest way to face change and beat fear is by learning to change and adjust you, not the situation?

This presentation or masterclass will show you how to:

  • Reduce the overwhelm of mass information
  • Change your mindset to a “Want to Change” mentality
  • Create the daily rituals and actions you need to focus through change and win
  • Get back in touch with your authentic self, gut feelings and make right decisions
  • Reduce your stress and create new levels of conviction, patience and productivity
  • Become more YOU, know with certainty and do with confidence whatever it takes to fulfil your dreams
  • Learn to know, interrupt and create new personal patterns of thinking
  • Learn to live life on your terms and not settle for less that you truly deserve * Learn that being authentic makes you feel powerful, euphoric, unlimited and free

JoAnna Ferrari is definitely one of a kind speaker; she will not only challenge your thinking but also make you walk away with not one, but several 'aha moments'.

Head of Production at TEDxMelbourne