This presentation teaches audiences that every person has greatness within them already, they just don’t know how to activate the courage needed to see it through. Why? We fear the unknown - changes, transitions and the potential of failure live there. As someone who has ‘lived’ many transitions, JoAnna has learnt to harness the power of every transition to grow and succeed.

She will help navigate through a set of skills and patterns, a tested formula for navigating new uncharted wilderness. A set of skills that will help reduce fear, anxiety, stress and boost confidence to move forward and reach new levels of personal greatness.

In this powerful and inspiring presentation, JoAnna outlines what she believes to be the key attributes and learnable skills that can lead to a fulfilling life, career or business. She draws on her own life’s experiences and truly empowers you to change your life for the better.

This presentation will show you how to:

  • Explore the revolutionary models and new science of “Trans-Behavioural Science”
  • Build your own greatness formula and how to put it to work for you in your life and career
  • Harness the power of transitions in order to achieve clear, measurable and objective results.
  • Have a personal, team or business breakthrough and drive new innovation
  • Capitalise on the opportunities presented by change, transitions and new beginnings
  • Refresh your vision and attitude, find your purpose.

Joanna's guidance & executive coaching was monumental in my career & helped me move forward professionally & personally. Her unique, sassy tailored coaching sessions have been the best investment. Her boldness & direct approach allowed me to look at things differently & the way she challenged my own limitations allowed me to be fearless. I highly recommend working with JoAnna Ferrari.

Senior Manager, BT Financial Group