JoAnna gave the closing presentation at TEDxMelbourne in August 2016 entitled “Your Secret Self” for which she received a standing ovation. JoAnna Ferrari lived male for 53 years. She was successful in business and happily married with 3 children for 23 years before finally making the difficult decision and commitment to transitioning her gender from male to female. Her announcement sent a shockwave through her entire world that caused her to lose everything: family support, friends, her career and nearly, her life.

In her presentation JoAnna clearly outlines the stages and steps to success in any transition and bridges the gap between her own gender transition and how anyone can better their life, career or business. She shares her personal journey, the dangers and challenges transitioning presents as well as a new perspective on how to deal with internal conflict that keeps us living in fear instead of living our dreams.

JoAnna delivers key strategies for taking a team or business through change, transitions and new beginnings and how to create an incredibly diverse and inclusive culture in the process.

This presentation will help your audience:

  • To find new solutions to old problems
  • Transform fear into courage
  • See how transitions are a life thing, not a gender thing
  • Understand the difference between a life journey and a life expedition
  • Break free of their learned life and live more authentically
  • Develop effective life development strategies for real world tough situations
  • Learn the power of words and emotions and what they mean to your success
  • Know why being proactive in change is better than the waiting for change
  • Understand how lack of trust reduces opportunity in your life, career and business.

Jo has forever shifted the needle in helping us to become the better version of ourselves.

Vice President & Head of ANZ Legal