JoAnna Ferrari has transitioned or reinvented herself personally and professionally over 21 times during her life. None of her transitions were as big a change or challenge as the one she encountered at 53 when she committed to transition her gender from male to female.

It was during this major transition that JoAnna had to learn to draw on all her internal resources. She had to figure out how to navigate this new uncharted wilderness. She lived with uncertainty for over three years. She couldn’t get work, she lived on borrowed money and time. It seemed that she and the world had all but forgotten the successful person she once was. She finally fell into a depression and her transition almost became fatal.

The final blow was dealt to her when she got to a staggering 79cents in the bank. She realised she was about to become homeless and her son, who was her only support, would have to go to the streets with her. Joanna found her breaking point and her moment of courage in a single instance. She could not let her son see his dad perish, after giving up everything for the sake of living his authentic self! From that day JoAnna turned the challenges that almost took her life, into a powerful comeback story. As a result, JoAnna now teaches audience to “Harness the Power of Transitions” and about ReThinking Life’s Rules, which contain strategies, models and formulas developed from drawing on her 30 plus years as a successful business leader combined with her incredible life experiences. She is a powerfully passionate and incredibly engaging speaker who leaves audiences with practical take away tools to help them with their own life transitions. Audiences will remember her long after they leave the room.