The foundational sales principles found within this system can increase your sales anywhere from 32% – 200% over the next 3 – 13 months.

The landscape of business has changed over the last 5 to 10 years. Just being aggressive doesn’t cut it anymore. Sales skills alone are not enough. You’ve got to be able to distinguish your business from the competition and lead prospects to say “Yes, I would like to buy from you and no one else regardless of price”. If your sales efforts aren’t doing that… then it’s not working right.

This information, even as a 90-minute event, will provide you enough insights to show how to create, evaluate, and sustain profitable sales tools, systems and teams, and get the results that you are after right now with less effort. After hearing this, you will walk away knowing you can generate better and more immediate results, systematise your sales process and get maximum results from your current client base and marketing efforts without spending any more money than you are right now.

Key Take Away Points

  • The 4-M’s that change your results
  • How to get your current client base to buy more, more often
  • How to stop selling and develop a winning sales pattern
  • How to turn 35-50% of the Nos into Yesses


JoAnna was wonderful. She was energetic and passionate about giving her best presentation for our conference. Well in advance of the conference JoAnna reached out to get a better idea of the audience and displayed a sincere dedication to understanding the audience and working to achieve a presentation that would suit them and the room.

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation