Clients have called this session; Motivational, inspirational and a Guiding Light!

JoAnna has lived in and done business as a male and female. In this presentation she shows audiences a very different idea of what their worlds really look like. JoAnna goes beyond cookie-cutter diversity and inclusion ideas and confronts many myths of diversity and blurs the lines of many gender concepts.

This presentation has been designed from her own experiences in transitioning her gender and from interviewing over 200 transgender men and women to gather their real-world perspectives and experiences in crossing their gender line.

Crossing The Gender Line is about giving you deeper more reliable ideas that lead you to take actions that produce natural inclusion in and for your businesses culture.

Key Take Away Points

  • A powerful and controversial perspective on Diversity & Inclusion
  • What gender transition taught me about people, business and success
  • What gender and diversity & Inclusion isn’t and doesn’t do
  • The 5 rules of successful Inclusion

JoAnna was wonderful. She was energetic and passionate about giving her best presentation for our conference. Well in advance of the conference JoAnna reached out to get a better idea of the audience and displayed a sincere dedication to understanding the audience and working to achieve a presentation that would suit them and the room.

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation