Challenge Accepted is not just a presentation topic for JoAnna, it’s what she calls living a life of “Growth by Design”.

It is a powerful philosophy for living a fully expressed life. JoAnna has helped businesses, sales teams and executive clients achieve greater success in shorter periods of time.

“You must question everything. Why do you do things, believe things, act a certain way, stop when you want to keep going?”

In her Challenge Accepted keynote, JoAnna first opens the audience’s mind and then teaches them “The 8 confidences” a person can use to achieve new and consistent results. These are the key confidences that kept JoAnna focused on achieving resolves and to a healthy, wealthy and happy life.

“It doesn’t matter how desperate your situation is, it matters how you think and act during it that will crush you or see you rise to the top again”.

I can say this with confidence as few things I’ve experienced were as trying as my gender transition.

Learn to conquer the big things and the little things don’t bother you.

Key Take Away Points

  • Steps to turn any negative into a neutral or positive opportunity
  • Learn your “top confidence” and how to grow the other 7 to form a super confidence
  • The 3 biggest self-induced barriers and how to overcome them
  • 3 strategies for Designing your life or career or both

She is a great communicator and engages very well with her audience. JoAnna was the stand out guest, with many learnings from audience members coming from JoAnna's input.

Business & Operations Manager, St George Retail Bank