In April 2013 JoAnna began her gender transition.

Gender transition is not a science, there is no roadmap and it is shrouded in the idea that it is a mental disorder and unnatural. When I first started I lost everything, family, friends, businesses and I couldn’t believe I was left standing alone to face this incredibly difficult journey alone.

Imagine standing in the middle of a dessert with. No food, water, map or idea of where you are or what it will take to survive, that was my situation. I never anticipated that the journey would get so hard that I’d be willing to explore suicide. I never expected that after all my successes I could get to 79c in the bank!

Instead of laying down, JoAnna did what JoAnna does, she picked herself up every morning and asked a single question of herself “What great thing will happen for me today”? From this experience she made a spectacular comeback and has returned to coaching, speaking and owning businesses. She has developed a “The Transition Bridge Model” and now teaches audiences about the four types of transitions, the three phases of transitioning and how to start, stop, change and get unstuck from a transition.

“Transitions and change is what life and business are made up of. If you don’t like them, you can’t survive them. Once you understand them you can better control the variables, process and outcomes”.

Let JoAnna take your audience on an emotional journey they will always remember and lessons they can instantly relate to and apply to their own situation.

Key Take Away Points

  • The four types of transitions and how to use them to your advantage
  • The five-phases of any transition and why you need to go through each one
  • Why you need to harness the power of change and transition
  • Defining your transition and the biggest challenges that cause failure

Her passion is infectious, and she is able to engage her audience effectively and with verve. JoAnna is also skilled at distilling the main points of a presentation into easy to inspire and remember points.

The Stella Network Leader at BT Financial Group